Home Loan Solutions

Our home loan services support your need to stay on top of all aspects of your home loan programs without having to add to staff or incur expenses for specialized computer systems and expanded office space.

We understand that Asset and Liability needs can change frequently and we will accommodate you as you need to change your mortgage program initiatives.

You will have a customized Toll Free number, at no cost to you or your members, identified as your credit union’s home loan department; this maintains the transparency of our services.

We provide you with a No Cost on-line home loan application and resources customized to match the look and feel of your credit union’s web site.

With Symbionce, you will have an unparalleled level of independent on-line access so you can maintain complete control and autonomy over all of your home loans.

Our secure Real Time Loan Status system is available to you and your members 24/7.

If you wish, you can view on line every aspect of your individual home loans from application through processing, underwriting, closing and life of loan servicing.

You always have the option of storing your home loan files at your office or at ours.

We have the experience, expertise, and technology to serve your members as effectively as you do.

Ask us about our innovative “Pay-As-You-Go” mortgage program! We help your members save time AND money when they need a mortgage.

We perform and submit on your behalf all governmental reporting including but not limited to HMDA ~ at no extra charge!

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Mortgage Originations
Symbionce Financial Solutions, LLC has a diverse variety of home lending products that will fit each of your members borrowing needs. As important as that is, we always keep in mind your credit union’s needs as well. If you would like, we will work with you to build a home loan program that meets your Asset and Liability needs and goals as well as the needs of your members.

We work with you to build a real estate lending platform that provides you with the security and confidence you need in today’s volatile economic environment.

We offer traditional Fixed Rate Mortgages with terms that range from 10 to 30 years as well as Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM) solutions to serve members seeking a lower rate and payment for a specific time period. We offer only standard secondary market ARM loan programs with no unpleasant surprises down the road!

Your credit union always has the option of holding loans in portfolio or having us sell them on the secondary market; you can even do a combination of both holding and selling your mortgage loans.

No matter which loan solution your member elects, one thing will remain constant and that is all of our services will be conducted with superior level of professionalism and care in your credit union’s name for the life of each loan!

Home Equity Originations

  • Our home equity loan services support your need to stay on top of all aspects of your home loan programs without having to add to staff or incur expenses for specialized computer systems and expanded office space.
  • We will build or expand your current home equity loan program to reach all of your members – NATIONWIDE!
  • We will support your current programs, help you add to your current menu of home equity loan options or build a program with you from scratch!
  • HELOCs as well as Fixed Home Equity Loan programs.
  • COMING SOON: HELOC Credit Card Access!!

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Mortgage & Home Equity Loan Servicing

  • All home loans will be serviced in the credit union’s name for the life of the loan regardless if you hold the loan in your portfolio or have us sell the loan.
  • You will have direct on-line access to all of your member’s loans and related reporting at all times!
  • Your loan servicing reports can be customized to your own specifications.

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When credit unions consider and utilize CUSO solutions, they keep credit union money in the credit union family, for the benefit of their members and all concerned. Don’t confuse a CUSO with a Vendor. CUSOs are credit union industry professionals serving credit unions.